888 Poker app – great gambling app for your  phone

888 Poker app – great gambling app for your phone

Since we are living in a modern time where we can play games on our phones, Android system has presented another gambling app, which received great scores and reviews on the Google Market. Firstly, it was released only for Android OS, but due to huge demand, it was released also for IOS and it gained huge popularity on this OS too. You have probably guessed – it’s 888 Poker app !
888-poker-265x198The 888 Android Pokies App for smartphones and tablets allows players to play for real money. You can do so in Texas Hold Em Cash Games as well as Texas Hold Em Sit and Go’s. The app didn’t originally include multi table tournaments, but the functionality has now been added. It’s important to note that you won’t find the nosebleed limits that are available on the regular desktop version, but you do have some pretty good stake options.
The cash games run from 1c/2c all the way to $2/$4 and are available in both limit and no limit. The sit and go tournaments are offered in two, six, and nine players modes. The sit and go buy ins range anywhere from $1.00 to $55.00.In App Cashier – This is a feature that is not to be taken for granted as it is not available in all Android applications for online poker. It can be quite a nuisance to be without an easy way to deposit or withdraw funds on the fly before, after, or during a game.

The 888 Poker app offers a wide range of deposit options for Canadian poker players. They can choose from Visa, Mastercard, Instadebit, Ukash, Skrill/Moneybookers, PaySafeCard, and Diners Club. We highly recommend signing up an Instadebit or Skrill/Moneybookers account as it makes deposits and withdrawals at 888 Poker effortless and speedy.

65b40f601a03a0adeb140c7137d23a8bThe 888 Poker Android App will work on both a data and a wifi connection. The software has been purposely scaled back to keep game play quick on phones with limited processing speed and memory as well as on mobile connections that are less reliable than a direct line.
Bonuses and Promotions –$88 Free with No Deposit – This promotion is only available for brand new accounts and you do have to earn the money through play before you can withdraw it. 100% Deposit Bonus up to $400 – This bonus is on your first deposit only and is parceled out to you in $10 increments as you play. The more you play, the faster the bonus will be released to you. $50,000

Freeroll – This is a new addition that is available every single week. All you need to do in order to qualify each week is play at least three times with a minimum by in of $25.

This app is reviewed by many users, and 99% of reviews were more than positive. This means that the app is really good and worth having it on your phone, if you like online gambling. Their quick methods of depositing money and regular bonuses make the app even more popular, both on Android and IOS operating system.

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Online poker – variations

Online poker – variations

When talking about online poker cash games and rakeback then a lot of poker strategy articles do not provide enough information . There are 3 different variations for cash games and here is a very good explanation:
Fixed Limit – Bets can be raised by predefined amounts. Let’s presume that you are playing at $1/$2 blind limit. Big blind is mostly twice the size of the small blind, there are some rooms offering games where the blinds are the same . You can raise before the flop, on the flop, on the turn and on the river. As a rule online poker rooms and land based casinos have limited raising in fixed limit up to four times. For example: Player A, Player B (small blind $1) and Player C (Big blind $2).

Player A can fold, call the big blind or raise by one big blind to $2. Let’s presume he raises to $2. Player B can fold, call $1,5 (as he posted small blind of $0,5 already) or re-raise to $3. He calls. Player C can fold, call $2 or re-raise to $3, he raises.

poker-roomTo play you have to call Edit this text $3 which player A or player B can raise only once to $4. Player A raises and player B and C can only call. They can repeat the same routine until the river. On the Turn and on the River they can raise up to $8 so four times by $2. The kind of situations when all players re-raise each other come up rarely.
Pot Limit – You can bet only as much as the pot is. Some poker rooms allow the bet of POT + Big Blind + Small Blind. Here we use the traditional Pot Limit betting rule of Big Blind + Pot. For example: Player A, B and C with the same blind setup. Player A can fold, call or raise up to $2,5 ($1,5 is in the pot + Big Blind 1$), he raises.zyngapoker_01 Player B can fold, call or raise, he calls $2,5. Player C can fold, call or re-raise to $7 – $1,5 + $1 + $2,5 + $2. If you want to bet the maximum then you just say POT in a live game. Situations where many players do this after each other do not happen very often . Mostly only when you are dealing with absolute amateurs or when one player has KK, second has AA and third has AK. Bigger hands do tend to end up where players are all-in .
No-Limit. You can raise up to the amount which you have brought to the table. This is pretty much self-explanatory and does not need much explanation. If player A raises to $4 then player B can re-raise all-in if he wants. Mostly when people re-raise others they tend to keep it around 3 times the previous raise, $12 for this example, or more if people have called player a raise.

If two players have called the $4 raise then it would be best re-raise to $18 or $20 if you want to be against only one or two opposers. If your opponent has more money than you do then not to worry, you can still play and go all-in. For example: If two opponents have $200 each and you have $100 and you are all-in then there will be a side pot of $300 dollars which is meant for you if you win the hand.

But what is the interest for online poker rooms to arrange games ? Every poker room gets profit from a fee called rake which is applied in cash games and poker tournaments . The amount depends on the limit but rake can be from 1 cent up to 5 dollars. At the limit we just used for examples the maximum rake can be $3 per pot. If you are all-in with one opponent then it means that the pot is $400 if you both have $200 stacks and the rake is $3.
Online poker rooms offer the chance to get some of those fees back, a certain percentage . For example 30% Noxwin poker rakeback. Some poker rooms even go higher and offer up to 36%. So, if you play regularly then you are involved in such pots quite often . What if you rake $4,000 per month and get 40% of it back? That’s $1,600!

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Aristocrat Pokies for Android

Aristocrat Pokies for Android

Everybody heard for name Aristocrat brand, a well-known creator of bedraggled android games. They are known throughout the world and they meet the requirements of the most demanding players. Excellent graphics and glossy undress games are just some of the characteristics of Aristocrat bedraggled android games. The advantage Aristocrat Android bedraggled game gives opportunity that anything available on all continents can be played by players worldwide. We will present some of the best android aristocrat pokie games.


mobilearistocrat-400x286Everyone knows who Superman is – the most powerful and popular man from the planet Krypton. With up with your favorite hero can socialize and in the Android pokie game that gives you plenty of opportunities for profit and entertainment. Divided into three levels, this game is an excellent choice for both professionals and beginners. Total number of lines that need to agree is about 50-60 makes the game very interesting.

White Wizard

As the name suggests, the central figure in this game is a wizard with white beard and bald head. In Igei also appears dragon, owl, black cat, flowers as well as letters and numbers. This game can be played only professional players for real money. It is characterized by excellent graphics and very interesting sounds that make the game more interesting. There are many ways to get to victory in this android pokies games as well as many ways to have fun. Therefore, it is one of the favorite among the players android pokie games.

Sparkling Royal

Like the White Wizard and eva game is one of the favorite among the players. Also gives many opportunities for fun and for profit so it is no wonder that there are over a million players a day. If you want great fun and a great chance of winning then this android pokie game is right choose for you.

Red Empress

mobile-casino-aristocrat-pokies-e1399474086678Red Empress is one of the ten most popular Aristocrat android pokie game. Stands out for its mystical theme and graphics and is very popular among the players. In addition to online, this game can be played in almost all real casinos. This game offers a true gaming experience and that’s why her many still come back. If you are a serious player, there are the sights and excellent opportunities for earnings.

Panda Paradise

This design certainly has not been seen yet. Extremely interesting graphics bring millions of toys every day. In addition to the excellent visual performance this Android pokie game is a great way of making money. E Besides pandas in this game interesting are the symbol of butterflies, monkeys and dollars that provide a lot of interesting aesthetic experience when this android pokie game in question.
Everyone who played it says it is a great experience and the fun is in the first place. It is available except for android phones and for mobile phones and other smart phones. Surely you will not regret it if you try this game and you will surely she can always come back and realize significant gains.

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Online poker practice

Online poker practice

Past few years, thanks to medias and TV tournaments, live poker became one of the most popular online casino game for players of all age all around the world. This game was available only in some licensed traditional casinos, and it was reserved only for those with a lot of money, who could let themself to gamble for real money. Now, when almost everything in the world can be found on internet, online poker games found its place, and it became available for players to play it from their own home. There are many portals online where you can find a lot different poker games that can be played without any cost.

These free poker games are made for those players who would like to learn more about playing poker, and they come out sponsored by world largest providers who are familiar in giving best service and performance. Now you can develop your skills, or learn it if you have never played it before and take some practice on free poker games so you will get some opportunity for you to became a part of some TV tournament in poker games.

No risk poker practice

Poker game is not just game of luck, it is a game that requires strong nerves, psychological strength, and understanding some strategies when it comes to calculating possible winnings and combinations. Many would say that poker is the game of notice and tracking, where clear eye and relaxed mind is most important, and luck is just small part of winning chance. This is also a game full of excitement and adrenaline, hwen you are waiting the right cards to show in your hands. If you tend to learn, practice and use all skills nedded for quality poker playing, many poker games in online casinos will cost you a lot of money until you reach some solid level.

However, there are also free poker practice games that can help you in learning the game for future real money tournaments or online playing for real money. Many sites offers large number of different poker games for you to learn and practice, without any time limit. You can try out many poker games, and when you decide which one you fancy most, you should pick that one and in some time, you will become a master of it, which will absolutely increase your winning possibilities. When you reach that level of self confidence you can cross the line between free poker games to real money online poker games, and you will be sure that you have much more chance that it would be if you start playing for real immediately after you became novice in poker games.

pp_unhiddenThere are many methods of playing free online poker games, but some of them requires dowloading of specific software, which is now so good because it takes time to download and HDD space. There is also a possibility that the game software is not compatible with your operating system, so there would be another downloads for additional codecs, decoders etc. However, there are sites that offer all casino games to be played directly in web browser, with Flash support, and Flash is working with most operating systems today. This means that you can practice and play many poker games straight in your web browser, to quit whenever you want and to continue whenever you want, all way until you master the game, and get prepared for real money games, with chances of loosing came to minimum after all that practicing.

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Types of online pokies jackpots

Types of online pokies jackpots

Online casinos have become a very popular concept, with millions of users all around the world. They have many advantages, such as large choice of games, many varieties of games and the possibilities to play games on mobile devices or even for free, as trial versions. They offer all the games you can find in traditional casinos, and in this article we will deal with online jackpot pokies.
megamoolahOnline pokies machines have various advantages compared to their land-based counterparts. First of all, they come in much larger variety of designs and themes, there are games with various possibilities for playing (different numbers of paylines and reels), and there are also various bonuses and additional spins. The best of all is that you can play many online pokies just for fun, because they do not require placing a real money bet – which is something you cannot skip in a traditional casino.

However, if you play online pokies for the same reason you play on land-based machines – hoping for the jackpot – there are three types of online pokies games you can play. There are games that offer flat-top jackpots, progressive jackpots, or the combination of the two.

Flat-top jackpots – online jackpot pokies with flat-top jackpots offer a fixed amount of money as a jackpot, no matter how long you play and how many players there is online. These games usually use low denomination coins for the games and can be played with a very modest budget.
Progressive jackpots – Progressive jackpot pokies attract a large number of players, because the main jackpot on these virtual machines can reach up to several million dollars. Progressive jackpot is cumulative, which means that its value rises with each game played on the machine by each player online.


Since online pokies are available to much larger number of people than land-based pokies machines, it is no wonder that the value of progressive jackpots can reach a significantly higher sum than progressive jackpots on land-based machines. There are three types of progressive jackpots – stand-alone progressives, proprietary progressives and wide-area progressives. Stand-alone progressive jackpot is connected to a single online pokies machine, and only the players betting on that particular game contribute to the amount of the jackpot, which means that these games offer the lowest sum as their progressive jackpot.
Proprietary progressives are cumulated as the players play on similar pokies machines within the same online casino. Because it includes more than just one particular game, the amount of such progressive jackpot is higher than the one generated by stand-alone progressives. Wide-area progressives offer the highest amount of progressive jackpot, since the jackpot is cumulated through a large number of pokies games not only on one casino website, but through several linked casino websites. The amount of such jackpot can reach millions of dollars and it is the most attractive for the online pokies players.

Many online pokies games offer the combination of flat-top and progressive jackpots, so even if you do not win the main prize, there are still chances of winning some of the smaller jackpots. I order to win the progressive jackpot, it is important to always play max bet, because it is the only way of creating the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

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Have a casino like experience with online pokies and other online casino games

Have a casino like experience with online pokies and other online casino games


Ghouls-gold-Online-Pokies-1Online pokey is a great way to have fun on a lazy Sunday afternoon when sitting idle in one’s living room. All the fun and magic of a casino and the various games available there can now be experienced at home, with this online gaming service. People who love to just be at a casino would truly understand this amazing online gaming facility which helps one to be in a casino like environment without actually being there. Online casino offers a myriad number of casino games which one can play on or bet on and win actual money. Now, one doesn’t really have to go to a casino to have the kind of fun he or she is looking for. All that one needs to do is choose a top rated online pokey website and get started with all the fun games available here.

How to play and win at online pokey?

Fun and games can get started at these online gaming websites, with just a click of a button. The top rated online pokies websites offer a simple registration form to the interested person with no fee or a start up fee, depending on the website.

Some of the best online gaming websites also offer a start up bonus along with additional incentives to promote the website. Most of the times, the rules of the games are constant, but it is important for a new player to go through the written material available on the website.

This gives an insight in the way the gaming website operates, along with the games and other services offered to the members. Along with this, one also gets an insight into any hidden charges on the games.

One can play and enjoy casino games such as slot machines, blackjack, roulette, online poker, online craps, and online keno amongst other betting casino games. One can also play the mobile version of the game aka, mobile pokies by downloading the mobile version for the game. One can download the suitable version and play iPhone pokies and android pokies, depending upon the phone a person uses.

A pleasant online gaming experience

play-pokies-online-in-Australia-300x179There is a lot that there is on offer at a top of the line online gaming website such as this. It is important to choose an authentic website, in order to have a good gaming experience online. For this one must do some amount of homework which tantamount to reading reviews of the online poker gaming website that one is considering. Since money is gained and lost at these websites, it’s imperative to play with someone who is loyal to the game and keeps the system transparent. Also, customer reviews and customer satisfaction can be very enlightening about the past experiences of people. Apart from this, all money related matters such as banking options available and payout methods used by the website should be clear cut for having a good gaming experience.

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